Washington, D.C. is not only the capital of the United States and the country’s main political stage—it’s also a city that’s growing rapidly and attracting educated people from around the world. Whether you’re relocating from New York or from across the country, relocating to the D.C. area can be aContinue Reading

Whether you’re running a small business or an established enterprise, you should know the value of a strong brand. This goes beyond your brand name and logo, of course. Your brand image is like a collection of all the thoughts customers have about your business, and it’s affected by all of yourContinue Reading

Small businesses are companies that are privately owned and employ fewer than 500 employees. Hundreds of thousands of businesses are launched in the United States every year, but many of these companies fail. You can increase your company’s odds of long-term success by utilizing some effective strategies both before you launch your business and afterContinue Reading

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Not much in life is as satisfying as turning your passion into a profit. If you spent your childhood experimenting with your babydoll’s hair—or your little sister’s locks—then you may feel like it’s your destiny to run your own salon. While you may be doing what you love to do,Continue Reading

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Shopping for a car can be a tedious and draining process. Determining what make, model, and features you want can be difficult enough, and becomes even trickier when you consider the high price of many vehicles. While the commercials you often see during TV sporting events and in magazines areContinue Reading